ATTENTION: ThriveCart Owners

How To Create Profitable ThriveCart Sales Funnels Even If You're "Not A Techie"

And How To Avoid Wasting A Lot Of Time And Money

Figuring Out ThriveCart On Your Own!

It’s not unusual for smart entrepreneurs like you and I to believe we can do almost anything.

I’m guilty of it myself.

Product creation, video production, voice over, web design, membership plugin setup—we do it all.

But if we’re honest with ourselves, a lot of the time we shouldn’t do it all.

I refer to this as the Entrepreneur’s Blind Spot.

It’s the failure to recognize that our time has real tangible value.

To state that a little differently... Every hour we spend grinding through a task we’re not really all that good at, we waste money.

And that’s painful to admit.

Doing It Alone Is Painful (And Expensive)

Can you get your ThriveCart checkout pages, sales funnels, and affiliate promotions up and running on your own? Without spending money on coaching or training?

Probably. BUT...

If you’re new to ThriveCart, you’ll spend a little time clicking buttons in the ThriveCart dashboard and a lot of time on one or more of the following activities:

  • Posting questions in Facebook groups
  • Waiting for responses
  • Opening support tickets
  • Waiting for responses
  • Searching the knowledge base
  • Feeling frustrated

Worst of all, this cycle repeats every time you encounter a new problem.

Every hour you spend trying and failing to make a checkout page look or behave the way you want, you’re wasting money.

To make matters worse, every day you delay your product launch because your shopping cart isn’t ready… you lose sales.

What’s your product cost? $47? $97? $497?

And how many sales will you average per day? 5? 10? 100? More?

It isn’t hard to see that every day you delay your launch can cost you thousands of dollars.

How do you stop the bleeding?

Your Own Private ThriveCart Coach

I’m David Power, a computer engineer, turned author and online course creator.

In January 2016, I was invited to join a private ThriveCart pilot launch. And since that day, every sale I’ve made in my online business has been transacted through ThriveCart.

I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours creating ThriveCart checkout pages and sales funnels, answering questions in Facebook groups, interacting with the support team, creating ProTip tutorial videos, and sharing them with the ThriveCart community.

ThriveCart's Founder And CEO...

 Josh Bartlett wrote this about one of the tutorial videos I shared on Facebook a few months ago.

I’ve distilled the hundreds of hours I’ve spent on research, experimentation, and trial and error into a product called...

ThriveCart QuickStart is a concise and easy-to-follow video training course that lets you take advantage of my 400+ hours of hard-earned experience.

In just a few minutes, you'll get to sample my ThriveCart training to see if it's a good fit for you.

You'll also get a detailed view behind the curtain of ThriveCart QuickStart when I reveal exactly what the course contains and how it benefits you as a ThriveCart owner.

Don't Let The Name Fool You

It’s true, the course has the term “quick start” baked into its name. But don’t let that give you the wrong idea.

Of course, ThriveCart QuickStart is very helpful to a ThriveCart beginner, BUT…

It’s much more than a beginner’s course.

ThriveCart QuickStart was designed from the ground up to be useful to first-time, intermediate, and advanced ThriveCart users.

Once you’ve created your first checkout page and launched your product or service online, ThriveCart QuickStart will show you how to add an order form bump offer.

And once your bump offer is live, you’ll go back to the course to discover how to create a sales funnel with multiple upsells and downsells.

After that, you may want to set up a subscription plan, an expiring coupon, or launch an affiliate program to expand your customer reach by a factor of 10 or more. In every case...

ThriveCart QuickStart has you covered.

Each time you’re ready to take the next step in complexity, ThriveCart QuickStart has a series of detailed video lessons explaining click-by-click exactly how to configure ThriveCart to do exactly what you want.

Designed For All ThriveCart Users

(Even Those Without Computer Science Degrees!)

ThriveCart QuickStart makes no assumptions about your level of technical expertise or your experience with the ThriveCart platform.

Every lesson includes detailed step-by-step instructions on how to configure each and every ThriveCart feature.

Early lessons demonstrate building the most basic, plain-vanilla style of checkout page. As you gain confidence and knowledge, the course gradually introduces more complex features—always in the same familiar, clear, click-by-click style of instruction.

When uncommon or unfamiliar topics are introduced (e.g. "sales funnels" or "affiliate promotions"), the course includes overview lessons explaining what they the terms mean, why they're important, and how you can use them to make more sales.

More technical ThriveCart owners are free to skip over lessons that don't interest them. But ThriveCart QuickStart ensures even "non-techie" users are only ever a click away from the detailed instruction they need on any topic.

Produced By A Filmmaker

(For The Ultimate In Visual Clarity)

This is a claim very few online course creators can make. But it’s absolutely true!

All ThriveCart QuickStart course videos were written, recorded, edited, and mastered by a professional filmmaker and audio engineer—someone who’s independently created over 100 short films including music videos, comedies, documentaries, and yes… online courses.

Video quality is second-to-none. All lessons are presented in crystal clear high definition. You can—if you want—watch them a 65” LCD television and still be impressed with how clearly you can see every detail of every ThriveCart screen.

Top-Notch Audio (You'll Never Miss A Word)

The same is true of the audio quality. Every lesson has been painstakingly recorded on the highest quality microphones, edited carefully, and processed using the most advanced mastering tools available.

The result is lesson narration that’s clear and consistent from beginning to end whether you’re listening on earbud headphones or on a surround sound home theater system. You'll never miss a word.

Here’s some unsolicited feedback I received on a recent tutorial video…

Scripted Lessons = Faster Learning

Each ThriveCart QuickStart video lesson is planned, scripted, and edited prior to recording.

Care is taken to ensure lesson scripts are complete, accurate and focused.

ThriveCart QuickStart lessons don’t contain long pauses, personal stories, umhs and ahs, apologies, or anything else that lengthens the lesson and eats up your valuable time.

With ThriveCart QuickStart, you’ll get exactly the information you need delivered in the most efficient way possible.

What's Inside The Course?

Here's a brief overview of what you'll discover when you enroll in ThriveCart QuickStart.

But keep in mind... the course will grow over time. Whenever the ThriveCart development team releases a new feature or function, you can expect a new course lesson (or two) to follow very shortly thereafter.

And best of all, when you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to all future lessons at no additional charge.

Module 1: Getting Started

  • 6 things you absolutely need in place before creating your first ThriveCart checkout page. (Proceed without these and you’ll waste a ton of time!)
  • How to make your product available for sale on the Internet (including integration with payment gateways and email autoresponders) in under 10 minutes… no exaggeration!
  • 6 things you must validate and test before launching your ThriveCart checkout page (including one that can absolutely ruin your profitability and reputation if you miss it!)

Module 2: Integrations

  • How to integrate ThriveCart with Payment Gateways, Autoresponders, Membership Platforms, Webinar Systems, and more.
  • A ‘back-door’ method of integrating ThriveCart with ActiveCampaign-based membership platforms like ActiveMember 360 and Memberium for ActiveCampaign.

Module 3: Products

  • How to choose and configure the right payment type for your product or service. (Choosing the wrong type can leave a lot of money on the table.)
  • 4 payment types, how to configure each, and how to choose the best type for your product or service. (Choosing the wrong one can leave a lot of money on the table.)
  • 2 methods of delivering products to your customers, the pros and cons of each method, and ways to limit security concerns.
  • How to customize email receipts so they improve customer satisfaction (and reduce refunds and support requests.)
  • How to configure your product for drop-shipped physical fulfillment.

Module 4: Bump Offers

  • How order form bump offers can increase your average checkout value by double-digit percentages
  • 5 things your bump offer must clearly and instantly  communicate to a customer in order to maximize conversions.
  • How to inject scarcity into your bump offer copy (and present an opportunity your customers don’t want to miss.)
  • 2 bump offer fulfillment methods, how to configure each, and which choices at the main product level will limit your fulfillment options here.

Module 5: Checkouts

  • 4 checkout templates, the marketing elements each template supports, plus recommendations on how, when, and where to use each template.
  • 4 factors to consider when choosing a checkout template.
  • One big caution when switching between checkout templates (and how ignoring this can cost you a lot of time.)

Module 6: Coupons

  • 2 types of coupon discounts, how each one works, and what you need to know to avoid giving customers a much bigger discount than you’d intended.
  • How to lock any coupon to a specific product (and avoid giving discounts on every product in your account.)
  • 2 methods of creating scarcity with coupons (combine these methods to create a “coupon frenzy” that has customers lining up to buy.)
  • How to configure “customer behavior rules” to track which customers use which coupons (use this information to target specific customers on future product launches and sales offers.)
  • 2 methods of applying coupons, the pros and cons of each, and which one to avoid if you have “curious” customers.

Module 7: Sales Funnels

  • How upsells and downsells improve your funnel’s profitability by increasing the average cart value.
  • 2 methods of hosting upsell and downsell pages, plus the pros and cons of each method.
  • How to create and configure upsells and downsells.
  • How to build a ThriveCart-hosted sales funnel.
  • How to clone upsells and downsells properly so you avoid a potential "gotcha" when changing hosting method.
  • How to create and configure a custom-branded, self-hosted sales funnel (the process can be confusing until you know these few simple tricks.)

Module 8: Affiliates

  • How launching an affiliate program for your products can boost your sales by a factor of 10 (or more!)
  • 2 methods of approving affiliates (and why you should pick one over the other.)
  • More lessons coming soon!


  • Image Dimensions: ThriveCart’s recommended dimensions for email receipts images, product box shots, cart headers, and embedded videos.
  • Marketing Elements by Checkout Page Template: ThriveCart supports 16 different “marketing elements.” This downloadable guide helps you decide which checkout page template is the best fit for your product.
  • Facebook Tracking Events: Copy and paste these custom scripts into your ThriveCart checkout pages to create retargeting campaigns, lookalike audiences, and to track sales against Facebook ads you run.

Don't Take My Word For It...

Don't take my word on how great the course is.

Here are some real-life success stories and endorsements I've received from recent ThriveCart QuickStart students.

This course is awesome! David is an amazing instructor! I was wasting my time trying to figure it out by myself, researching on Facebook groups, reading forums and asking people and this course came to answer all my questions and showed me a simpler way to setup ThriveCart. His methodology is perfect for me with his short and straightforward videos. It's great to know that I can come back and watch a video in less than 5 minutes to remember how I can overcome an issue.

Rafael Kaizen

The course is 100% presented clearly and logically without any BS. I wish the courses for all software products were as high quality as ThriveCart QuickStart.

Errki Kivelä
Managing Director, Business Mobile Services

I really liked the comprehensive, step-by-step approach the videos took to cover all of ThriveCart's features. I found ThriveCart QuickStart to be of excellent quality... it set out to be a quick start training to get you up and running in ThriveCart, and it delivered on its promise.

Paul Ceppaglia

Learned everything I needed to get started smoothly. Clear, step-by-step, no fluff.

Dennis Rosenberg
Founder, Metaphor Media

My favorite thing about David is he is teaching about products and services that he uses in his own business. He knows about the problems I will encounter before I know about them. ThriveCart QuickStart is very thorough and follows a natural progression. Individual lessons are right to the point and not bloated.

Jeff Baer
Founder, DFYdigital

Absolutely recommended! Information in small, digestable chunks. Course is easy to understand and implement. Very good video and sound quality. It a great course, anyone with interest in TC will be able to quickly learn and implement right away.

James Moux
XONEX Relocation

I recommend this course because it is a step-by-step approach to starting quietly as a newbie until you build your confidence through increased knowledge to become a ThriveCart power user. It's a really polished course.

Will Roffé
Founder, Fearless Brands

I had already purchased ThriveCart when I found David's course, it was a lifesaver. The course is laid out in an easy to follow outline that makes sense and gives you a step by step plan. The videos are well made, clear and David's narration is concise and informative. I would recommend this course to anyone who purchases ThriveCart and wants to get up and running right away without the usual learning curve for using a new software platform.

Mark Purvis

A Week From Today...

Imagine how your business will change as a ThriveCart QuickStart student.

Seven days from today (even less if you're a fast learner)...

You Are No Longer Intimidated

The hundreds of text fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes, and buttons inside the ThriveCart dashboard no longer intimidate you. Instead, you know exactly what each field does and how it impacts the profitability of your sales funnels.

Your Frustration Is Gone

Frustration has been replaced by confidence. Confidence in your knowledge, your skills, and in your ability to design, build, and launch ThriveCart sales funnels from scratch. On your own. Without getting stumped.

You Are Self-Sufficient

You don't have to rely on any third-party support to keep your business running. When you need to make a change to a checkout page (or an upsell or downsell), you take care of it yourself in about 7 minutes flat. When something mysteriously stops working, your day isn't ruined—you know you can fix it. When you need to build a funnel from scratch to launch a new product, you have it designed, built, and making sales within hours of starting.

But Most Importantly...

You feel no anxiety about selling online. When a customer clicks your "Buy Now" button, you know ThriveCart's got your back. The customer receives their purchase almost instantly. They're added to your autoresponder. Money is deposited in your account. Support inquiries are almost non-existent.

All of this is possible because you followed a proven training system—ThriveCart QuickStart.

What Are Your Options?

Hire A Consultant?

For a one-on-one ThriveCart consultation, I charge $200 per hour.

If you hired me to create a single ThriveCart sales funnel, it would cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 depending on the complexity.

And if you brought me back a few months from now to create a second funnel, that would cost you another $1,200 to $2,000.

It's clear hiring an experienced consultant gets expensive very quickly.

DIY With No Guidance?

If instead of hiring a consultant, you spend weeks figuring out ThriveCart on your own without any coaching, guidance, or training... that too becomes expensive—not in "dollars spent" but in lost sales.

Even if your product costs as little as $27 and you'll make only 10 sales per day, your business stands to lose $270 every day you delay launching your funnel.

At this rate, a five day delay would cost you $1,350 in lost sales!

That's even more than hiring a consultant to build a simple funnel for you!

ThriveCart QuickStart!

It took me well over 400 hours of research and trial and error to collect the ThriveCart experience I have today.

And it took me an additional 100+ hours to create the ThriveCart QuickStart course content.

If I round my time investment to 500 hours ​and decide to charge just $1 per hour for ThriveCart QuickStart, I'd feel comfortable pricing the course at $497.

Even at $497, ThriveCart QuickStart is far cheaper than hiring a consultant. It's also far cheaper than doing it yourself without guidance. But...

I Want To Make It Easy For You

Because ThriveCart QuickStart is still a new course, I want to collect student testimonials and feedback. Testimonials help me demonstrate the ways the course is helping people. And feedback allows me to update the course so it's more valuable for future students.

Because testimonials and feedback are big priorities for me right now, I want to make it easy for ThriveCart owners to join the course.

To do that, I'm discounting the enrollment fee by 70% for anyone who joins during this enrollment period.

Right now, you can have lifetime access to ThriveCart QuickStart for a single, one-time payment of...

Only $147

When you consider the cost of hiring a consultant to create your sales funnel and factor in the time, money, and energy you'll avoid wasting by having this step-by-step instruction at your fingertips, you'll instantly see $147 is truly an incredible value.