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New to ThriveCart? Need support or one-on-one consulting to launch your products or sales funnels? There are two ways the ThriveCart Coach can help:

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--- Services ---

ThriveCart Setup & Configuration

We're experts at creating  and configuring  checkout pages, bump offers, upsells, downsells, scarcity techniques, and discount coupons for all supported payment and fulfillment methods. 

ESP / Autoresponder Integration

ThriveCart supports advanced behavior tracking before, during, and after a customer completes a purchase.  Let our team integrate your autoresponder  to ensure you never miss an opportunity to nurture customer relationships, re-engage abandoned carts, and optimize your sales funnels.

Payment Gateway Integration

It's critical to your business (and peace of mind) that product sales result in timely and accurate transfer of funds. Let the ThriveCart Coach configure and thoroughly test integrations with your Stripe and/or PayPal accounts. 

Membership Platform Integration

Improve the security and access control of your digital information products by integrating ThriveCart with a membership platform. ThriveCart Coach has experience with WishList Member, MemberPress, Memberium, ActiveMember360, and others.

Sales Funnel Design

A properly designed and optimized sales funnel generates more leads, improved conversion rates, and higher revenues. Let the ThriveCart Coach analyze your existing funnels, make recommendations, and implement solutions that will boost your sales revenues.

Video Production

Creating videos for a lead magnet, product launch, or online course? Our in-house experts handle script writing, filming, editing, post-production and everything in between.

Audio Production

Whether you're recording voiceover for an online course, producing an audiobook, or launching a full-on podcast,  our team has you covered with decades' worth of experience and the most advanced tools available.

About David

​David Power (aka. The ThriveCart Coach) is an author, filmmaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur. His books Introduction to Podcast Technology and The Entrepreneur’s Video Tool Guide are available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and Audible formats. In the past decade, David’s made close to 100 short films spanning the comedy, music video, documentary, and narrative genres. As host and producer of the Sure-Fire Podcast, David documents the making of an independent comedy feature film called Sure-Fire. After dancing with entrepreneurship for over a decade, he left the corporate world in mid-2016 to run his own business full-time. When he’s not writing, filmmaking, or podcasting, David creates and markets digital information products. He is also an out-of-the-closet lover of rap music, and incorporates dope rhymes into his content at every opportunity. David lives in Brooklyn, New York with his beautiful wife, Cara.

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